Prom Dresses for all Body Types

Hey guys!

So Prom for all you seniors! Yayy! Trust me I can feel your excitement! I love parties and promposals (comment your cute ones below)! But most of all I love dresses! But the sad thing is, I’ve heard from tons of girls saying they didn’t want to go to Prom because they were scared about how they would look in their dress. And honestly this breaks my heart. Because no one should feel so ashamed about their bodies that they don’t want to do something. So my advice is whatever kind of dress you get just flaunt it, because I swear if you love it, others will too. But if you are a little self-conscious I hope this guide will help dress your body and help you feel good about yourself. But remember, no body is perfect and whatever you wear you’re going to look gorgeous!

  • If you’re busty - Try a dress with a defined waist, this will pull your waist in and create more of an hourglass figure. You could also try wearing a dress with longer sleeves so you could wear a more supportive bra. To balance out your body a little more try vertical stripes or pleats  going up and down your body (maybe inserts on the side because that always looks gorgeous).
  • If you’re athletic/ruler - For those of you a little confused about what this means it just means being a little less voluptuous and having a flatter figure. Try a dress with a lower plunging neckline to give the illusion of more of a bust. Cinch in the waist and the flair out at the skirt to bring attention of your waist. Avoid a colorblocked dress to make you boxy.
  • If you’re an hourglass - Everyone is trying to recreate the hourglass figure right now so you want to show it off but avoid over-exposing. Try a dress that will cinch in to show off your tiny waist and then flairs out to show off the contour of your hips. Using a simple top will help balance out your figure.
  • If you're petite - My first tip is to show off your small frame. Avoid long and billowy dresses which can overwhelm your frame. Try a shorter dress, above the knee. Amp of your cup size by going strapless. A higher waistline will also help draw more attention up. Because of your small figure, rock some sky-high heels!
  • If you're tall - Taller figures have the ability to rock a tighter bodycon dress which may not seem appropriate for prom so if you want something a little longer try a dress with mermaid style skirt. Avoid a shorter dress as they can make it look like the skirt is super disproportionately short. You also have the ability to rock horizontal stripes, which is a little harder to do when you’re short. Try a square neckline or shoes with ankle straps.

I hope this helps you guys pick a gorgeous dress. I promise you whatever you wear to Prom is going to be gorgeous! If you love it, others will too and I swear you won’t regret wearing it. And remember this is a body shaming free environment so anything you say in the comments better be nice. Comment below what your prom dress looks like or what your tips are for dressing one of these body types.



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