Fashion- How to style a black tee

Hey guys!

So today I’m going to give you guys ideas on how to style a plain black tee. These looks range from casual to dressy.

  1. take your plain black tee, and a pair of lightish jeans, and add a colorful handbag. The handbag will look like you spent a lot of time on your outfit, even if its really simple.
  2. Another way I love to wear a black tee is with skinny (or not) high waisted jeans, and a gray/tan leather jacket. I would use a black bag to tie this look together. For me this is a more day to day look.
  3. Since both flannels and layering are both in style, a black tee lets you achieve both in just one look. I would wear a black tee and a bigger flannel shirt with jeans so its both cute, and comfy.
  4. This look is probably my favorite. I wear it ALL THE TIME! All you need is your black tee-shirt, and a colorful/patterned skater skirt. With a nice pair of heels and a cross body bag, this is perfect for a night out with your friends!

Plain black tee-shirts are a great way to wear crazy shoes, handbags, and scarfs without looking over the top.
I hope you guys got helpful tips on how to style a plain black shirt. Be sure to tag us on twitter (@shadowandgloss) so we can check out your looks!

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