Current Fashion Obsessions

What I’m into can change on almost a day to day basis. This post is just a snapshot of what items/trends I’m loving right now. This post is meant to inspire you guys and hopefully just add a little insight to me and what I love.

  1. Kate Spade Cedar Street Medium Harmony Tote Bag - I love this bag! It’s huge and is able to fit everything I need for the day. On the site it only shows 3 colors but in stores they often have a ton of other colors.
  2. Bright Colored Hunter Boots - OMG, this is such a random thing to love but they’re awesome. They look amazing paired with leggings and a contrasting shirt. They can make a boring outfit and a grey day pop instantly.
  3. Lulu Lemon Be Present Jacket - This jacket is super comfortable and super chic. I love the black because it goes with everything. This is also very figure flattering which I obviously I love.
  4. Dainty Bracelets - I’ve recently been obsessed with wearing very dainty bracelets. Like just a tiny little chain. I think they look super girly and don’t bug me as much as necklaces sometimes do.
  5. Brandy Melville Lauren Bralette - Recently, I’ve been loving wearing this bralette underneath sheer or low cut tops. This just adds something extra and isn’t completely boring.
  6. Thin Watches - As I said before I really like dainty bracelets and I think thin watches go hand in hand with dainty bracelets. Ok secret time, I can like barely tell time on a circle clock or whatever they’re called but.... they look so pretty on and I just can’t resist. I’m not so particular about the style I just don’t like when they look big and chunky.

Ok, so these are six of my current fashion obsessions. Comment below any of your fashion obsessions of the moment!



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