Beauty- Nail savers!

Hey guys!
Today I am going to share a secret. I suck at painting my nails! I always smudge them.
These products really work, and help not smudge your polish.
A good base coat is really important, because thats what helps the polish not chip. I love the formula x base coat. This gets really sticky, and helps with chipping problems.
I would recommend using a polish that only needs 2 coats, because if you need more it will get really thick.
The top coat I use is the Julep Polymer Topcoat. I know this is really expensive, but its honestly the best top coat I have found! I put a generous amount onto my half dried nails, and wait 3 minutes. After your polish will not smudge! Which is AMAZING!
I hope you guys try the top and base coat because they are really good!

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