Lush- hot or not?

Hey guys,
Today’s post is going to be dedicated to lush. I feel like lush is very controversial. People either love it or hate it. I am split down the middle. Whenever I walk into lush, I am hit by the smell. DO NOT BE TURNED OFF. Even though the smell can sometimes give me a headache, most of the time its worth it. The smell of Lush doesn’t come from perfume the spray around the stores, it comes from the smell of all the products. I love their bath bombs, because I think its a good way to treat yourself. I definitely don’t use a different bomb every week because their expensive! Personally, I use them one to two times a month, and only when I want to treat myself. The employees at all the lush’s i have been too have all been really helpful and nice, and have always recommended products that would fit my skin type. I have walked in there and chosen my own products because of the smell and they haven’t worked for me, but thats my fault, not the stores. I also recommend the bath melts because they make your bath feel soo nice and luxurious. One of the things from Lush that I think is a waste of money is the bubble bars. They are just an expensive, one time use, bubble baths, and the bubbles fizz away after 10-15 minutes. Don’t get me wrong, they smell amazing, and they are great if you get the gift set, I just don’t think they are worth the money. 2 products that aren’t bath related are the rub rub rub shower scrub, and the Ro’s Argan Body conditioner. I love the rub rub rub as an exfoliator, and i even use it in my hair. The ro’s argan conditioner is amazing for making your skin feel really soft and hydrated. I also really like Lush’s soaps (the bar kind). Unfortunately the shower jelly didn’t work for me. I was allergic to something in it, so I couldn’t use it and enjoy it, but Gloss is obsessed with it, so it must be good. Those are all the lush products I have tried. I really like lush because their products are all natural, and aren’t tested on animals. They have a line, charity pot, that helps a bunch of causes around the world that deal with humanitarian, environmental, and animal rights. When you purchase a charity pot, 100% of proceeds goes to helping these causes. Overall I think Lush is a great place to get products for when you have a “Spa night”. I hope this helps narrow down your options! Please let us know your favorite Lush products and I’ll be sure to check them out!


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