Plane essentials

I hate plane rides. I really just hate them. So when I am packing for a trip I always make sure to bring these items in my carry on bag to make the plane ride as easy as possible. This is my list of essentials that I can’t imagine going on a plane without. These are also more random ideas that are more likely to be forgotten at home. 

  • Headphones - I like to listen to music on the planes and so you definitely want to make sure that you have headphones in an easily accessible place.
  • Work Papers/Laptop - When traveling I believe its a really good idea to use a plane ride to get some stuff done. Its a good time to just sit down and plow through those 6 pages of corrections you have to make or answer all those emails you have been forgetting about. 
  • Straws - This one is super random but I always like to bring straws on the plane. It freaks me out to have to drink out of the cups because you have no idea how long they have been just sitting on the plane. 
  • Face Moisturizer - The air in planes can be very drying. I always like to keep a small travel size moisturizer in my bag. I apply it right before I get on the plane and as soon as we land. Usually traveling screws up my skincare routine but I don’t want it to get too out of hand. 
  • Lip Balm - I bring this for the same reason as I bring moisturizer, the air on planes is very drying. 
  • Eye Mask - Even when I’m not taking an overnight flight I still like to bring these because people are so much less likely to bother you when you’re wearing an eye mask.

Ok so this was just my list of unconventional things that I like to have with me on the plane. Comment anythings that is essential for you to have on the plane down below in the comments or tweet us a picture of your bag all ready to go on a plane.



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