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Hey guys!
I know it almost March, but I just thought of this idea and thought it wasn't too late to share one of my goals for 2015.
Many of you reading this blog like makeup, and beauty items. And many of you (including myself) have wayy too much.
My goal for 2015 is to reduce my beauty purchases.This year, my goal is to only buy 2 eyeshadow palettes. Whenever a new palette comes out, I always need to get it, but in reality, I probably have the same exact color in another on of my palettes. I am also not going to buy any blushes. I’m not going to buy any blushes unless it is a limited edition that I have nothing like in my collection. I have wayy too many for someone who only uses 2 or 3. I always tell myself that I will use it sometime, but lets be honest.  
Mascara is something that goes bad easily, and quickly, so I told myself that I won’t buy any mascara until I finish all the ones I currently. If I don’t like a mascara, I’m not going to hold onto it, I’m just going to throw it out.
I’m not going to go through everything and tell you guys what I’m doing because that would take a long time, so the point of this post is to encourage you guys to reduce makeup buying, and enjoying what you already have. Makeup doesn’t last forever, so its important to use it while you can. You can always buy more but its really important to finish what you already own.
Happy 2015!


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