How to stay positive throughout the winter

So maybe its just me, but like halfway through the winter I start to get like really bored. And stressed out. And I really just want Summer. So I decided to make a list of ways to help you stay positive and get your mojo back. Did I really just say that.

  • Have a 'you' day - Destress a little and definitely detox. Go to the mall, watch a classic, take a long bath, bake some cookies. It doesn’t matter just spend a whole day just for you.
  • Learn a new skill - Learn how to sew, or bake, or apply amazing eyeliner, or speak french, or play the piano. Basically anything that makes you want to keep learning.
  • Have a beach day - Invite over a ton of friends, wear bikinis, and drink some lemonade. Crank up the beach music (Cheeseburger in Paradise, anyone?) or watch a beach movie (How about Teen Beach Movie?). Really just unwind and have a ton of fun.
  • Make Sundaes - So what if its like -60 degrees out. Just make an ice cream sundae. Add all your favorite toppings and top it off with a cherry. Trust me you’ll feel so happy.
  • Take yourself on a shopping spree - Just do it. Splurge a little. Thats all I’m going to say.
  • Binge watch a TV show - Ok so a lot of times you’re told not to do this but I say why not. This will give you something super exciting to look forward to everyday.
  • Do some hardcore exercise - Ok so maybe not hardcore but doing exercise really makes you feel really good. Sign up for a gym, or do hot yoga, or go for a run. It doesn’t matter just burn some calories!

Ok so these are some ideas to help you stay positive in the winter. If you have any others comment them below, I’d love to try them.



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