Recreating looks from the Grammy’s

So as you know the Grammy’s were like 2-ish weeks ago. And honestly my favorite thing about it is the outfits the nominees wear. So this post is all about recreating the Grammy looks to make them a little more um, wearable.

  • Miley Cyrus: For this look I decided to take Miley's floor length, cut out, dress and turn it into something a little shorter. (Link for the dress)


  • Taylor Swift: For this look I decided to take Taylor's STUNNING teal high low type dress and make it more wearable by turning it into an actual high low dress in the same color. The sequins at the top still makes the dress look glittery. (Find the dress here.) 

  • Iggy Azaela - For this look I decided to take Iggy's cobalt blue, cut out, mesh, floor length dress (with a tail?) and tried to make it more wearable by making it have slightly less of a v neck. I also chose a darker color because I feel that it would look more flattering on different skin tones. 

  • Ariana Grande - For this look I changed Ariana's floorlength one shouldered dress with a silver detail into a little less dramatic one. The one I picked has silver at the top and no sleeves but I still feel like it resembles the dress and is just a little but more realistic. (Find the dress here.)

  • Anna Kendrick - I picked Anna's outfit as one to remake because it looked very simple and many woman already have the peices to make this outift. I would pair the blazer with black pants, black pumps, and a ton of different rings for a stunning look. And before I finish talking about this one can we all just agree Anna looked GORGEOUS. (Find the blazer here.

  • Kat Graham - This look may be a little bit of a stretch but I think that it still has elements of Kat's dress. I chose a white dress with a black overlay that was shorter to make it a little more wearable than Kat's floorlength dress. Tbh I honestly love this picture of Kat, I think her smile is gorgeous. (Find the dress here.)

  • Gwen Stefani - For this look I decided to takes Gwen's strapless, textured jumpsuit and make it more wearable by not having the mesh/textured part. To make it more dramatic the jumpsuit I chose has a deep plunging neckline. Pair this jumpsuit with red nails like Gwen and you'll be good to go. (Find the jumpsuit here.)

  • Beyoncé - For this look I decided to take Beyoncé's floorlength, deep v neck line, brocade overlay dress and turn it into something more wearable by making it a little shorter. (Find the dress here.)

So these are my ideas of how to make each of these outifts a little more wearable. I loved (almost) all the outfits and think all the stars look gorgeous. My favorites from the night were Taylor's dress and Anna's blazer outfit. Comment below your favorite outfits from the Grammy's and what your favorite reimagined look was. 



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