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Hey guys!
Today’s post is all about january favorites!
So I know this is sooo overused, but where did january go?! Even though I had a pretty good January, I am so excited for February! What plans do you have for February? Leave me a comment below!
Anyways lets get on into the faves!
So starting off with the more random favorites…
my first fave is the Bath and Body Works candle in Winter Candy Apple. I used this sooo much, and am so in love! I cannot wait till I can get this again next December lol. What are your favorite candles from BBW? Leave me a comment below and I’ll be sure to try them out!
My next Favorite is the Papermate flair pens. I recommend getting these off of amazon instead of staples, because they are like half price! But I am obsessed with writing with them and they come in so many colors!
Next… Fashion Favorites
I have really been loving my Madden Girl combat boots. They are soo comfortable, and are super cute. I love both  the black ones, and the taupe colored ones.
I have also been loving fuzzy sock. I am actually so obsessed. I wear these all around my house, and sometimes if i'm really lazy, under my combat boots. I got a few pairs from CVS for like $5. I’m not sure if they still have them, but if they do, I would definitely recommend picking up a couple pairs!
Onto beauty!
I have been truly obsessed with the E.L.F. Essential Clarifying Pressed Powder. It is only $1 and it does an amazing job at setting under eye concealer!
Another favorite is the Clinique Take the day off makeup remover for eyes and lips. This stuff is amazing for taking off waterproof mascara, and honestly its not that expensive even though its from sephora.
I am so obsessed with the Algenist complete renewal eye cream- this is soo good! and super moisturizing! I know this is expensive, but I feel like it is completely worth the investment, and I have had a deluxe sample size that I have been using since august, and I still have a lot left!
I hope you guys try some of these products because I love everything on this list!
Leave us your faves down below!!

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