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Hey guys! So today I thought I would do a post about what different dress attires/ dress code mean because I always get really confused and I just thought it would be fun to do. So here goes…

White Tie - If you are lucky enough to be invited to a white tie event, you are expected to wear a floor length gown, like a ball gown. Gloves and shawls are common and depending on the occasion bare shoulders may or may not be ok.

Black Tie - For a black tie event, a cocktail dress would be appropriate. Most weddings are usually black tie.

Black Tie Optional - For this I would wear a LBD or a cocktail dress or dressy separates.

Semiformal - I would wear either a LBD, a cocktail dress, dressy separates, or a longer skirt and top.
Cocktail - This one is pretty easy, a cocktail dress is good.

Business Formal - Wear a suit, a business style dress or a dress with a jacket.

Business Casual - A skirt, khakis, or other pants would work with an open collar shirt or knit shirt. An informal dress would also work.

Dressy Casual - A dress, a skirt with a dressy shirt, a nice pants outfit or even very nice jeans with a nice shirt.

Casual - This one can be tricky. For me it usually depends on the event. I would recommend a skirt and top. But if this is more of a house party jeans will work.

Of course this list doesn’t cover all the random dress codes. One time when I was younger I was invited to a bar mitzvah with a dress code saying wear 1960’s golfing attire.

I hope this helps anyone with a dress code dilemma. Remember to bookmark this page so you can always check back and leave a comment below if you have had any dress codes with something not on this list please tell us below and mention what you wore so you can help everyone else.



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