Lifestyle- 5 things to do over winter break

Hey guys!
Today I’m going to give you 5 ideas of what to do over break.
Everyone looks forward to break, so you don’t want to spend it watching Netflix.
These are 5 ideas that one would overlook, but its a super fun way to hang out with your friends.

  1. Cook- Cooking is a really fun thing to do both with friends, and alone. Find something that you haven’t tried before and see if you can find your new favorite food! Tweet us (@shadowandgloss_) a pic with the hashtag #SAGcookingonvacay
  2. Organize a clothing swap- super fun way to get new clothes without spending anything! Maybe, just maybe, while going through your clothes, you could organize your closet (insert winky face here) JK who would do that?!
  3. Clean out your makeup stash- everyone holds onto makeup that is a) super old and b)is never used. Cleaning out your stash will make you feel better about treating yourself to some of the holiday sets
  4. Go bowling- I feel like bowling is underrated. Its really fun, and is good to do with your friends.
  5. Have a disney movie marathon- Pretty self explanatory. Just make sure to have popcorn and hot chocolate!

I hope you guys get some ideas!



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