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Hey guys!
I just got a package from Julep and the mail and thought I would share what I got with you! The first thing the Maven one time box in Boho Glam. This box contains 2 polishes and a beauty item. I got a nail polish in the color Joanne. This is a beautiful dusty purple type color, perfect for the colder months. The second polish I got is the Sawyer polish- This is a Duo-Chromed polish with hints of brown, bronze, pink, and green. The last thing in my box is a polymer top coat. I was a little confused, because this isn’t a beauty item, but I’m not complaining because its expensive, and I have been wanting to try this out.
The next package is from my black friday order. They has really good deals, and I couldn’t pass them up. The first polish is Bae, a yellow with shimmer. I did not chose this color, I bought a black friday special for like $3 and this was the color. Not my fave, but I will definitely try this when it gets warmer, and see if I like it better on my nails. The next polish I got is a Jillian, a purpley red. This again is beautiful, and perfect for winter. I got this polish for $1 on Black Friday. GREAT DEAL! In case you don’t know, Julep polishes cost $15 (or $14 not sure) each, and the polymer top coat costs $18. The last 2 things I got were polymer top coats. They were in a set of 2 for $10 as an add on. JULEP ADD ONS ARE AMAZING! They are such amazing deals so I definitely recommend checking them out!
These are the polishes I will be rocking for all of winter!
If you guys are interested, I can do a “Julep- Hot or not” post, and tell you what I think about these polishes. Don’t forget to follow us on twitter (shadowandgloss). I’ll be posting pics of my nails when wearing these!

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