Beauty- 5 Products I regret buying

Hey guys,

Today I’m going to share 5 products i regret buying. I know this isn’t the best post, because it talks about the bad, and not the good, but its important to know what you should or shouldn’t splurge on.

  1. Benefit Porefessional- WHAT!? I know. I’m the first person to not like this. IDK if it doesn’t work with my skin, or if I got a bad one, or if I just didn’t like it, but this looks beautiful when you first apply it. It was like love at first application. Then 15 minutes later I looked disgusting. It separated on my face, and made me look like i just washed my face with olive oil. It was bad. Then i applied powder thinking i had forgotten it, and the same thing happened.
  2. MUFE (make up for ever) 5 camouflage cream palette in No 2- I was super excited to use this. First thing is that these are NOT BLENDABLE! I tried with a brush, a beauty blender, and my fingers and nothing blends it! Its not creamy, its stiff in the pan, which definitely doesn’t help with the blendability. If you use this under your eyes, it creases soo much, and if you use it on blemishes it aggravates it because it won't blend. It also broke me out like crazy, so i couldn’t use it to highlight my face. This was definitely a bad buy, and i'm really upset about it.
  3. The living proof prime style extender- This was an impulse buy. I was at sephora looking around and saw this. I had never heard of it so I was intrigued and bought it. It smells amazing! It smells like peppery lemons... But doesn't do anything. It's supposed to block oil and dirt and extend your style but I didn't notice a difference and for $20 it definitely wasn't worth it.
  4. Becca Shimmering skin perfector pressed in opal- WOAH another product not worth the hype. When you swatch this its really gorgeous, but when you apply it, it looks like you went swimming with glitter. Not pretty!
  5. Naked 3 palette- So I got this when it was all the rage last winter, and really regret it now. I cannot get more than 2 different looks with this palette, and I always have to supplement with another palette or couple of shadows. It definitely doesn’t have enough matte shades, and theres a lot of fallout. I don’t travel with this too often, because I have to take another palette, and i prefer to take one palette that has it all. This palette isn’t bad, but I know there are better ones out there so I don’t reach for this on too often.

I hope this helps decide whats worth the hype, and what you should stay away from.


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