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Hey guys!
Today’s post is going to be my current song obsessions. Most of the music I listen to is what's playing on the radio, but I thought I would share some of my favorites so you would get to know me a little better.
Current Favorite song is Hit em’ up style (oops!)- this song is so good, its definitely not everyones cup of tea, but please just listen to it on itunes or on spotify and I think you'll like it.
Another song I am kinda obsessed with is… TAYLOR SWIFT’S ALBUM. Are you surprised? I love the song style and blank space.
I am also loving Lorde’s ribs. Its such a good song, and i feel like it never got a lot of attention.
All about that bass, is probably the only song that has been in my top 2 for more than a month. Usually, I love a song for a few weeks, then get so bored of it that I can’t stand it anymore. That hasn’t happened with this song, and I’m still obsessed.
Another favorite is Animals by Maroon 5… AMAZING
Onto the less known songs. I love love trapped by josephine. It was played in Dance Moms, and Gloss know I was so obsessed. Its a really good slower song.
Another song from dance moms is Cry by Alexx Calise. SO GOOD! another slow song.

So those have been my song favorites for a couple weeks.
Let me know if this is a boring post, or if we should do more like this.  

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