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Hey guys,
So im kinda obsessed with smoothies, and I thought i would share my smoothie recipe with you. I think its kinda stupid to go to starbucks and get a $5 smoothie, when you can make one at home just as easily and it costs WAY less!
Honestly, I kinda throw whatever I have in my fridge into the smoothie, but this is my favorite one. I use the Hamilton Beach single serve blender. Depending on how much food you put into it, you can get one to one and a half servings. The blender blends really well, but i wouldn’t recommend putting a lot of plum and grape peels into it because it won’t get blended.
I personally don’t use banana, because I’m allergic, but if you like it, definitely put it in!
Lets get to the recipe!

So starting with a clean mini blender, add 4 or 5 ice cubes. You don’t want to add too much because it will turn into a slushie, and if you don’t add enough ice, it will be too watery, and not cold.

Next add ½-¾ of a cup cup of orange juice (I put too much in this time, but normally its closer to ½ of a cup)

Next, I added a bowl of cut up strawberries
After that, I added a little bit of plum. It was left over from this morning, so i thought i would add it. You could do this, or completely skip this step

Then I blended a little to make sure there was space for the mango i would add in next.

After that, I added ¼ of a mango. I forgot to take a picture, but it fell into the smoothie, so you wouldn’t really get to see it anyways.

Then blend!

This is my fav smoothie recipe, and even though its easy to make smoothies, and to improvise, I thought I would share my faves with you!

Please comment below what other recipes you would like to see.



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