Shoptagr Review

So I recently found this new fashion site and I absolutely love it! I know that there are a lot of sites like this but to me this one is the easiest to use. Shoptagr is an amazing website that helps you keep track of everything that you want to buy. You pull the tag button into your favorites bar and then you’re all set. The premise of this site is that you can add anything you want to Shoptagr and it will keep track of it all. Then it will notify you when the item goes on sale. This is so helpful if theres a thing you’re not quite willing to splurge on but still want. This is also super helpful because you don’t have to sign up for those emails that say when things go on sale, it is all in one place. You can even input your size and the color you want so that its all saved in one place.

Overall I think everyone should be on Shoptagr. It is so helpful to keep track of things and I love that it will notify you when items you want go on sale.

Comment below if you use anything like this or if you’re willing to try something like this.



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