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Hey guys,
The weather is changing from fall to winter, so I had to go shopping. I did pick up a couple of things from a few stores, and thought I would share them with you. Lets get started.
First Pink, I got a pair of sweatpants from pink/victoria secret. https://www.victoriassecret.com/pink/apparel-sweats/skinny-pant-pink?ProductID=212330&CatalogueType=OLS in bright blue. IK they are bright but I only wear these around my house so I thought why not? haha. I know these are a little expensive ($44) but I had a $15 off coupon so they were only $30. These pants are really soft and warm so it prefect going into winter.
Next I got yet another quarter zip from pink. I absolutely love these and thought I would pick up a fun color. https://www.victoriassecret.com/pink/hoodies-and-half-zips/boyfriend-half-zip-pink?ProductID=213410&CatalogueType=OLS I got these in the color Deep teal.
Next I went to American Eagle. I only got one thing. The AEO jegging sweater in summer burgundy. http://www.ae.com/web/browse/product.jsp?productId=0348_6613_696&bundleCatId=cat7150095. I this this is perfect for winter because its so thick and warm. I would wear this with jeans, black jeans, or leggings, so it is very versatile.

From the Wet Seal I got a plaid shirt. I’m obsessed with plaid, and now I finally own a shirt! http://www.wetseal.com/classic-plaid-button-up-50105182.html I love wearing this with leggings and tying around my waist, wearing a simple black shirt, and adding this as a jacket type thing, or even wearing it alone as a shirt. I got blue because I really like blue. I wear so much blue its crazy.
I got 3 things from Brandy Melville. The first thing is a simple gray baggy sweater. I love it because its light, but still warm. http://www.brandymelvilleusa.com/clothing/outerwear/hoodies/christina-hoodie-009.html

The next thing I got is the striped shirt. Its navy and white. I love pairing this with lighter jeans. I’m 

really sorry I couldn’t find it online, but I will insert a picture.

The last thing is a graphic tee that is really soft and cute. I can’t wait to wear this with jeans and the sweater I also got. Again, I couldn’t find a link, but I will insert a pic.
I got 3 things from Nordstroms. The first is a beautiful light pink sweater. It has a teardrop shape in the back, and I think would be the perfect shirt for valentine’s day.

The next shirt is a dark green fuzzy sweater. (i really like to wear sweaters if you couldn’t tell lol). I’m obsessed with this because its soo soft and warm. 
The last thing I got is a nicer shirt that I would wear to a more formal event. Its a beautiful light purple color. I would wear this with black jeans and wedges to make it more dressy.

I last clothing store I got stuff from is loft. I got a white kit that i cannot wait to wear.
Onto candles. BBW had their 2 for 22 sale so i took advantage.This is for those who don’t know how much each 3 wick candle is (like me). $22.50 each!!! So your saving 50 cents and getting one for free! Thats a great deal! I got the Green Apple Orchard. This has notes of crisp fall apples, amber, and cedarwood. It smells just like green apple.

The second candle I got is the winter candy apple. This is my favorite scent of all time so i couldn’t pass up this candle. This candle smells like candied apples, spiced orange zest with a touch of winter musk. (I am getting these descriptions off the candle, because just like every other guru out there I cannot describe scents.)

Now for the sephora purchases.

I got the Devacurl styling cream. I think I'm going to do a full review on it so I won't talk about it now.

I also got the Anastasia Tammana palette. I'm a little confused because you can't find it on Sephora.com but I could find it in stores, and I know Urban Outfitters and Anastasia sell it on their website. I'M OBSESSED. This is the prettiest palette I own. When I first saw this I didn't want to get it, because I already have a lot of palettes, but I kept thinking about it and whenever I saw it I couldn't believe how pretty it is. Comment below if you want a full review, because I will be more than happy to rave about this. (No I'm not sponsored). I will include a picture with swatches.

I got a Bite Beauty lip gloss in Honey. Okay. Lets take a minute. I didn't believe the hype on Bite beauty but I'm completely hooked. This smells like pure fruit, and its amazing. The gloss itself is sticky, but in a good way. It lasts forever on your lips too! I think after I acquire more products from this company, I will do a review on them as a whole. Comment below what you would like to see reviews on.

I also got is the Peter Thomas Roth Mini Magic Mask kit.

AMAZING. Again let me know if you want a review on each specific mask because I am more than happy to do that.

The last thing I got was a julep polish in Valerie. This is a forest green with gold shimmer.

This pretty much sums up everything I have picked up over the last few weeks.

Thanks for reading!



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