Moving Tips

Sorry I've been AWOL for a little bit. I was super busy and super stressed with the end of school and dance and then some family things came up and we're moving soon. Like, tomorrow soon. So yeah, it's been a little bit hectic around here lately. I've been in pack mode lately, so today I thought I would share a few tips and tricks with you guys! 

  • Pack A To-Go Bag - In your final days at your current place, make sure you pack a to-go bag with your daily/necessary toiletries, hairbrush, clothes for the remaining days, etc. This way you'll be able to pack all your other things without worrying about forgeting to leave out essentials. 
  • Make A List - This one may seem a little bit obvious, but having a running master list throughout your entire moving process is a great way to stay organized. We kept huge list and anytime anyone thought of anything relating to the move, we would write it down. By doing this, you won't forget anything and you'll feel super accomplished checking things off the list. 
  • Assess Before You Buy - Before you buy any packing supplies, assess EVERYTHING you need to pack. I know this seems like an extremely daunting task, but it will keep you from buying tons of unnecessary supplies and wasting tons of money (Because packing supplies is lowkey expensive). By "assess", I mean begin to organize everything that needs to be packed and see what size/style/type of boxes you need. 
  • Plan Meals - In the week leading up to your move, it is essential to plan what you'll be eating. You're going to want to pack all your dishes and kitchenwear, but make sure you leave out anything you'll need (such as a frying pan or a spatula). Similarly, if you can avoid moving packaged food, it will save you a few boxes and some unnecessary packing. Try planning meals around staples you already have to avoid needing to pack them up. 
  • Pack Heavy Things In Smaller Boxes - Although it seems like a great idea to stack piles upon piles of books in mega boxes, they'll become way too heavy way to fast. Pack heavy things in smaller boxes so they'll still be liftable. 
  • Don't Forget Suitcases - Don't forget to pack things into your empty suitcases. Heavy objects such as books or pots and pans will pack nicely into suitcases. They'll be much easier to transport.
  • Contact Local Organizations - This one might seem obvious, but the number of people who would rather just toss items they no longer need instead of making the effort to donate it is ridiculous. If you're able to, donating gently used items is a great way to give back.

So, these are some of my tips for moving! Although it can be very stressful, moving can also be really fun! I will definitely be posting a part 2 of this, but if you guys have any other tips, shre them down below. 




Summer OOTD

Hi guys!
This past weekend, I spend time with my extended family at a winery in Ithaca, NY. This view was absolutely gorgeous, and I had a ton of fun.

I really loved my outfit from the Saturday Night party, so I thought I would share it with you guys!

I wasn't able to find the exact skirt because I bought it about 2 years ago in Milan from Max and Co. I found some skirts that were similar although none were the same.

Top | Skirt (look below) | Heels (similar)

This is the most similar color
Different color, but same zipper look
Completely different color, but similar concept

Let me know what you guys think of this outfit, and what other looks you'd like to see in the future!

Have a great week, and I'll see you Friday.



Anti Makeup Haul

Hey, guys!
Today's post is a very fun one! All over youtube, I have seen these "Anti-Makeup Hauls" where beauty gurus share why they are not purchasing hyped up or new products.

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT bashing any of these brands or products. I am only telling you why I will be saving my money on these specific products. In the online beauty community, so many of us spend unnecessary amounts of money on products just because they are all the buzz (in reality, some of them are not good). I think these posts/videos are a good idea because it is a message saying it is okay to not purchase every new release. Okay, rant over. 

Urban Decay Shape-Shifter Palette- I've seen this palette all over Youtube and Instagram. Yes, it looks pretty, and the bendability of the powders seems incredible. My issue is that I will NEVER use the cream shades. Because of this, I don't want to spend the $$ on the whole palette. I think Urban Decay should come out with a powder only contour kit which would get a lot more use!
Urban Decay Go Naked Fragrance Oil- My issue with this fragrance and the other one I am going to mention in this post is that I don't want to purchase a limited edition rollerball fragrance. I don't want to fall in love with the scent and then not be able to get it again, or at least have a full-size bottle. I don't know, it just seems weird to me that so many makeup companies are coming out with limited edition fragrances.
Tarte Sweet Tarte Fragrance- This is the other fragrance I will mention in this post. My thoughts are the same as the Urban Decay one... Why am I going to purchase a product that I will never be able to get again?
The Balm Even Steven Foundation-Seems like an incredible foundation (from what I have heard and seen), but it comes with a tiny amount of product. I will not spend the money on a foundation that comes with not even half an oz of product. That's just ridiculous in my opinion.
Wayne Goss Brushes- These are brushes I have been intrigued by for a while now. I have so much respect for Wayne Goss, so I expect his brushes to be nothing but the best. Unfortunately, when I went online to order some, I saw the high price tag. I just don't think I can justify spending that much money for a single brush, or even a brush kit.
Kat Von D. Saint and Sinner Eyeshadow Palette- Yes, Kat Von D. Shadows are amazing, but I am so over odd shaped packaging. I need something practical; something that will fit in my makeup collection. The colors look beautiful, but I am sure I can get them in some other palette that is a reasonable size and shape.
Ofra Metallic Liquid Lipsticks- I have never tried the Ofra liquid lipsticks, but the thought of a metallic liquid lipstick freaks me out. I just never think they look good on anyone, so I definitely am not planning on spending my money on these!
Smashbox Cosmetics Studio Skin Shaping Foundation- This is a product that was just sent out in PR and is not even available to the public yet. It is a double ended stick with a foundation on one side, and a contour shade on the other. In general, stick foundations never have a lot of product in them. My fear is that there will be the same amount of product in this foundation duo just split in two (meaning there will be half foundation and half contour shade). I just think that if I like the foundation, I shouldn't need to repurchase the whole thing.
Kylie Cosmetics Ultra Glow- Okay, Kylie Cosmetics is in the center of a ton of controversy. I only have one product from her (a lip gloss), and the product is average. I always marvel over Kylie's snap stories when she posts new releases. The only thing in all of her launches I have not been drawn to are the Ultra Glow loose powder highlights. I just think loose powder is super messy and I don't want to deal with that every day. If I buy a highlighter, I want to be able to use it every day. I am not down to deal with that messiness every single day.
Anastasia Beverly Hills Blush Trios- These blushes look beautiful, there's no denying that. My issue is that the pan sizes are so small that your brush will never be able to fit in the center shade. Also, I don't love the look of matte blushes on myself, so a matte blush line just isn't something I am drawn to.
Natasha Denona Sunset palette- I will never spend $130 for an eyeshadow palette. Morphe has incredible warm shadows for a FRACTION of the price.

Woah that were a lot of products! I had so much fun creating this list, and now I can't purchase these products!

Let me know if you guys want to see more of these types of posts!

Have a great weekend and I'll talk to you on Tuesday!



7 Things I Learned From A Makeup Pro

I recently had the opportunity to have my makeup and hair done professionally for a photo shoot. This was an amazing experience and I had so much fun! Obviously the beauty blogger in me felt the need to ask questions about every single thing the pros did, but I feel like I learned a ton. Today I wanted to share a few tips/things I learned!

  • Take It All Off (Twice) - Even if you ssure yourself that you took off all your makeup the night before, do another quick swipe with a makeup remover wipe before putting anything on. Your skin will be happier and you makeup will look so much better. 
  • Always Prime Your Face - Even if you're not doing a full face of makeup (actually, according the pros, especially if you're not doing a full face of makeup), always use a primer on your face. "Just trust me" was pretty much as in detail as she got about why, so I did and looking at the pictures, my skin looks amazing! 
  • Mix Foundation - For the pros, being makeup artists with tons of clients, it's impossible to have every single shade of foundation. Even though chances are, you're not a makeup artist needing to cater to 100s of different skin tones, one of the artists still recommends buying two or three base shades and then blending them to create the perfect one-of-a-kind shade that can change as your skin tone changes. 
  • Foundation On Your Lips - If you're opting for a nude or a light rose lip, using a foundation as a base it a great way to create an even tone and keep your lips from looking dull within minutes. 
  • Watch The Brows - When using gel on your brows, make sure you're not going too dark. If you find a shade similar to your natural color, then by all means go for it, but if not, opt for a clear brow gel to keep your brows from looking funky. 
  • Blend Behind The Ears - Make sure you blend your foundation all the way behind you ears. It's so easy to forget, but you do not want an awkward two-tones line on the side of your face. 
  • Spray From A Distance - When using hairspray, make sue to keep the bottle at least a foot away from your hair. This will help diffuse the concentration and will keep you hair from getting heavy and weighed down.

So, this is it! Like I said, this was an amazing experience and I had so much fun! If you have any secret tips, share them down below - we'd all love to hear them! 




Current Everyday makeup routine

Hey guys!
Its finally summer! Well in NY at least. After a very long rainy season, we finally have had some sun and heat these past few days.

Over the weekend, I thought of how my makeup changes with the seasons. Without noticing it, I always change out my products, so I thought I would share the ones I have been using every morning with you!

In the summer, I rarely use foundation. To subtly even my skin tone out, I use the Clinique City Block Sunscreen. Since I spend so much time outdoors in the summer, I always need to use sunscreen. I love this one because it give me a little bit of coverage too!

The next product I use is the BareMinerals BareSkin Sheer Sun Serum Bronzer. Wow, what a mouthful! This is a game changer in the summer. I recently discovered it and I will NOT be putting down this bronzer. It gives a beautiful glow while bronzing your skin at the same time. I can also apply this bronzer very quickly with a beauty blender for days I'm in a rush! I HIGHLY recommend you checking this out.
Next, I conceal my undereyes and any spots on my face with the Wet N Wild PhotoFocus Concealer. I have really been enjoying this product. It is a little thicker than most concealers I use, but I find that if you apply a little, it looks beautiful and blends seamlessly.

On lighter makeup days, or days I get more sleep, I will use the Hard Candy Sheer Envy Instant Eye Fix. This product is amazing for brightening your undereyes while giving slight coverage.

The last cream product I use is the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Spotlight. I am not sure if you can still buy this product in the mini, but I love the shades pearl and gold. I get the most beautiful glow with this product. I can either tone it down to be less bright and intense, or create a really intense highlight with this product.

To set the concealer, I have been using my trusty Cover FX Perfect Setting Powder. If you have read any of my posts from the past month, you know my obsession. I really truly love this powder, and reach for nothing else.

The last product I use is the Kiko Summer 2.0 Mascara. I love this for super intense lashes. I find this doesn't smudge or flake, and it wear all day long.

That was my everyday makeup routine! It may seem like a lot to some people, but I can do my full face in 10 minutes and run out of the door if I need to!

Thank you guys so much for reading, and enjoy the warm weather:)


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